Beauty Care Products for Free!

I grow up watching grandma and some of my lady neighbors in their traditional beauty care routines and natural products applied on their bodies.

Preparing for a bath,grandma would ask me to pick some citrus fruits (suha as she call it), pound it to crack so it would be easy to squeeze the juice. She then apply it onto her hair together with some fresh coconut milk. It stays there until the washing of the clothes were over and she would continue her beauty regimen. She was in her late forties at that time. watching her do those routines made me wonder why so I once asked her what were those for and she said it’s to to keep the hair healthy. She wore long hair anyway. She would also apply coconut milk on my hair.

Our source of water for washing our clothes  and bathing was a spring situated along the small river. I saw some of the ladies in our barrio did their beauty regimen there. One of them was ‘Nang Elsie. ( ‘Nang short for Manang, Ate in Tagalog language. The young in the barrio are forbidden from calling those older than them their plain names – it’s rude according to the tradition). ‘Nang Elsie had straight shiny hair that hang loose up to her butt.I watched her pounding some pepper leaves that produced sticky sap. The sap was then applied to the hair like shampooing our hair today. I was curious being a teenage girl so I asked her why do those things. She told me it kept hair healthy, shiny and most of all dandruff-free.It was nice and I also tried it myself. It leaves my hair even softer.

Part of ‘Nang Elsie’s routine was keeping her skin soft and blemish-free. She used some papaya leaves. At first she pounded the leaves to soften, then rubbed it to her skin.

Grandma and ‘Nang Elsie were only some of the few people I knew who were beauty and health-conscious I would say. They were not far different from us who loves keeping ourselves healthy and beautiful. Maybe the difference is that all the products they used were free. 

I once watched a television program which tackled on nature care sources. They show some kind of mud as skin softener. It was applied to the whole body including the face,It remained unrinsed for sometime. Those who tried claimed the process made their skin tighter, thus making them feel young again. The sight reminded me of our child games where we applied some clayish type of soil on our hair and body just for fun. We thought it’s a dumb thing though we had noticed some fresh feeling of softness in our hair and skin. The adult did the same but none did explain to us the truth behind what we feel until I heard on TV that there are some kind of soil which makes wonders.

Nature is wonderful! thanks God for it. It has offered us everything, from food, medicine, nice scenery and even beauty care products.

The products we are looking for may just be around the corner, in our backyard. They are free so it won’t cost a single penny. besides it has no serum like what’s in most of the beauty products in the market today. Anyway, some people nowadays are already hooked with what their beauticians and beauty consultants are suggesting. But sometimes paying for the services and the suggested products to use is an additional burden. What’s more painful is when your resources are limited. So paying for the beauty services and the beauty products for maintenance is not practical. If we can find an alternative source, then that will be fine and could keep our resources healthy and stable.

Saving our money while having an unending supply of products that keep us healthy and beautiful is amazing.

Maybe let’s start looking around and be resourceful. Love NATURE and SAVE MONEY! STAY HEALTHY and BEAUTIFUL!