“SWEET! DELICIOUS! DIVINE!” Wow! The sound effects are so tempting and you’ll see all of them crumbles down (tsug! whosh!). Sounds familiar? Yup, it’s Candy Crush Saga!
You can’t put it aside. Almost everybody loves this as the Brick Games in the 90’s gained popularity. Check out your fb account, you’ll see help requests and invitations. Sooner you’ll just realize you’re already hooked on this online game.
I remembered one avid player who said that she could not take her minds off from the game and when she saw people in different colors of their attire, she wished to put them in horizontal or vertical lines and… and whosssssssh, SWEEEEEEEEEET, DELICIOUSSSSSSSSS, DIVINEEEEEEEEEE and most exciting to hear, SUGAR CRUSHHHHHHHHHHH!
I don’t sound like I’m kidding. This game really has gained too much popularity not only among kids who loves candies but also with the adults who loves candies in their young age. It’s played by children of different ages, by artists,and even professionals. I just found out recently that one of the game addicts who was caught playing during his free time was a former VP and now a come back newscaster of one of the TV stations in the country! SOOOOOOOO SWEEEEEEEEET, DELICIOUSSSSSSSSSSS…..
This is a MUST JOIN game! So if you haven’t tried yet, YOU MUST!