Hidden Beauty!

“In every bad thing that happen there is always good effect in it.”

Just recently, we’re affected by the earthquake.Though the intensity was not that strong compared with the areas closer to the epicenter that’s in Bohol island and Cebu City but that was enough to let DepEd declare longer days to stay out of our workplace because of the aftershocks which might cause more damages to the school plants and danger to their occupants.

My husband happened to have his vacation from work and the children are all at home which made me realize it was a nice time for our bonding at the beach where we use to go during vacation period.

We had our instant plan and we visited a beach called Hidden Beach found in the outskirts of the town which was just less than an hour travel from where we live. I heard about it from my friends and colleague who had gone there.

It wa really hidden and really nice. we are amazed by the untouched beauty of nature. The beauty was complemented by its sand which is comparable to that of Boracay.

It was really fun experience though a bit far but I told myself, it was not just beach that we pay because there are a lot of beaches we passed by along the way going there but the beauty of the place.

Really nice! It’s at Bonbon, Aloguinsan, Cebu.


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