Beauty in the Countryside!

After a whole day fun last Friday, the whole family was set to attend our youngest girl’s wedding on Saturday, yesterday!

Everybody’s excited of the day to come specially the kids. It’s not because of the wedding but because of the venue. Some of my grown up kids have already gone to this place but not me. I mean I’ve gone to the place before but not on the venue of the reception – a mountain resort.

The venue was popular. It was located at one of the progressive barangays of my hometown. It was an hour travel from the town proper. Leaving the town proper, the vehicle we rented followed a one-lane road – a feder road from the town proper. We have to pass 3 barangays and the ride was a bit bumpy. But the beauty of the countryside lured us as we pass by our way towards our destination. 
When we arrived, we proceeded immediately to St. Labrador’s Church where the ceremony was held. After the ceremony, there we go! I couln’t wait to see what my colleagues and friends have told me. They all said it such a nice place!

The one-hour bumpy ride was worth it. What a wonderful scenery. They call the place HIDDEN VALLEY MOUNTAIN RESORT! It was WOW! They have two big swimming pools and two small ones for the kids. My grandchildren couldn’t help but jumped into the kids’ pool after eating. They loved it. While my boy kids also splashed into one of the two big pools. If not because of the time agreed previously with the driver, I could have joined too. Next time I promised.

The place wa complete! It has function rooms for conferences and seminars. I have the chance to talk with the in-charge of their marketing department( sorry I forgot to get his name). 

The place was really awesome!I A lot of cottages/rooms are available for a night stay or even longer. It’s ideal for family gatherings, friends’ outings, debus, weddings – any occasions. The people handling the food would be pleased to serve you their specialty – “humba” and the snacks or dessert – “budbud”. 

By the way congrats Tim and best wishes to my sistah Marcelina. (I was confused with the name Celine in the token, then the tarpauline Marceline and the fb account Marce, haha). 

Hidden Valley Mountain resort, I will be back soon! Wait for me!

To those who are still undecided of their weekend getaways or on your holiday escapades, try Hidden Valley Mountain Resort. You’ll be amazed with the beauty of the place! 
It’s at Lamac, Pinamungajan, Cebu. Of course it’s only in the Philippines! Image


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