World Teachers Day!

We love holidays! But we love this holiday better than the rest of the holidays of the year!

October 5 is World Teachers Day but because its Saturday, we celebrated it ahead yesterday October 4. It’s our day so we were freed from the usual activities most specially the holding of classes where selected students took over the job. Nice! Through our student body government, we were told we just have to relax and they will do the rest. A search for Ms. Educator was done by popularity vote where students would drop a peso for a vote. Every female teacher was a candidate and in the afternoon the top 5 was announced. The crowned Ms. Educator was my former student who hated the idea of representing my section to any school pageants. And I was tasked to do the honor of crowning. What a coincidence! But the morning’s activity was a total fun. Days before we were asked to pick our color like in our intramurals. So we came to school in sporty attire and in the color of shirt where we belong. I was with the Red. There were a lot of games. We won in the egg relay, pingpong ball relay and “pinoy henyo” ( I was one of the representative of the Red) where we won. I made the guess of the word “class record” in 33 secs. There were lots of games prepared like the “bring me” game in the afternoon. It’s really fun! Whoever has made this idea of having this one day celebration in a year for teachers (I failed to research maybe sometime later), THANK YOU very much! Happy World Teachers Day to all educators!


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