Swimming Here We Come!


As I browse my old photo files, I come across with this family picture at the beach. Such kind of picture always reminds me of the importance of family and bonding.

Whenever we decide to come together, we always consider the option of spending the day at the beach. There we don’t have to spend much. The food preparation includes parboiled sweet potato and banana. We see to it that we have prepared a raw fish salad (kinilaw in our dialect) to match with those kind of food.

Children love swimming as much as the adults do. We make sure we put lotion on our skin to prevent sunburn. But the best protection of sunburn is to wear shirt that would cover the back and shoulders that are proned to sunburns.

I really love going to the beach during my younger days. We stayed until our faces and lips turned reddish or pinkish in color due to sun’s exposure. and we loved it when we saw our color changed.

For sure this was the same feeling our small kids have. There is even a big trouble when they’re forced to stop swimming because it’s already time to go home. Small kids wouldn’t like to be stopped from swimming. it took time to convince them but there is always the promise to be back to the sea soon.

Next summer. we’ll gather again and for sure we’ll go swimming.

I can’t really wait!


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