A Glimpse of Hope

Watching yesterday’s news of the latest update of the Zamboanga standoff made me wonder how long this chaos would last. 
Recently the news of the arrests of the some members of the Moro Islamic Liberation front (MILF) was heard and that the government promised the crisis would end soon. But 2 bomb explosions were reported after that.
Women with their children evacuated in a safer place. One interview of a mother really broke my heart as she showed the bag brought by her child as they fled. Despite the reminder of bringing only light baggage, she was surprised to find out her child brought with her a heavy load. When checked she found out her child brought along with her her notebooks and books. She told her mother that she needed those when school reopens.
The high hope of the innocent schoolgirl was like a cool water that doused my frustration of waiting for the problem to end in that part of our country. I couldn’t say we are fortunate because it has not happen in our place. How Could we say that! They’re our brothers and sisters who are in pain. They are suffering! I’m sure everybody out there wish to help end their suffering but how?
The only thing we could do is pray that the minds of these people causing trouble there will be enlightened and would come to realize the pains they have caused for their fellowmen.
And hope that it would happen soon. 
In war I believe there are NO winners. ONLY losers!Image

photo from morguefile


2 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Hope

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