Water or Electricity?

Currently, people in our place are feeling the inconvenience due to brownouts!

At around 2 am last Thursday, we’re awaken by the blinding darkness. A blackout occurred and surprisingly, we still feel the inconvenience until now. A big transformer which was the main source of supply to the consumers had bogged down. According to a reliable source the company is already ordering its replacement abroad. It would take 2 to 3 months to completely restore the constant supply of electricity. Really frustrating!
But what’s worse in our area is that the water supply was affected. Like the supply of electricity there’s rotation of switching lines so everybody could have water. But it’s not enough.Imagine just an hour!
We feel like we’re tortured with this problem on which we couldn’t do anything except to wait to have everything fixed.
Some people here are fortunate to have lines with supply interrupted only a few hours during the day – those along the highway. others also are fortunate since their water supply is a bit abundant compared with some. Well, it’s because they have additional source of water.
Which do prefer? No electricity but with abundant supply of water or or you have enough supply of electricity but no water?


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