The Walk for a Cause!

I was up and about very early today. There were no classes because its Sunday but I have to join the “Walk for Cause.”
This is an annual activity in our city. This has been participated by both the private and the government sectors of the city.
One of the highlights of the celebration was the selection and the crowning of Miss Alay-Lakad 2013 the night before.
This walk for a cause aims to raise funds to help the underprivileged youth in the city in their education. The funds raised have been the source of the aid given to the qualified scholars. Before the funding was only focused on trainings and livelihood programs for the out of school youth.For several years now the organizers’ focus was to bring everybody to education. The organizing group has already has already produced graduates. Really an overwhelming experience to join this good cause.
Participants gathered at the assembly points at 5:30 then the walk started at 6:00. It was a long walk and though I wasn’t feeling so well I went to join.
I always participate in the said activity every year. I feel good doing so because it’s for a good purpose.
Giving isn’t enough. The walking completes it. (that’s for me).


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