They Won’t Scrap the Pork!

Government infrastructure projects before usually have signage that read: “This is where your taxes are being spent.”
Good motivation to taxpayers!
Revenue collectors are the most active people in the president’s cabinet.They run after tax evaders. Payment delays means penalty They’re very good in computing the earnings of the taxpayers…
Where did our money go? To illegitimate LGU’s? From the project allocations of our dear senators and congressmen who some of them claimed their signatures have been falsified? Sure? One as I could count said he needed money for his constituents and used his own foundation to get money… “bABOY” (pig – WHERE THE PORK COMES”). THAT’S PEOPLE’S MONEY!
My heart was heavy these few days as I hear the news that the taxes we have paid just went to few people and spend it as it’s their own.
Lord, please take them back soon so as to ease our suffering! Forgive me for asking such but I don’t know how many are they out there who caused our suffering! It seems they have multiplied so fast.
The president’s spokesperson claimed the president” pork barrel shouldn’t be scrapped as its expenditures have been properly accounted for! (expenditures in the president’s discretion?)
Our money should supposedly be used to answer the needs of the people- the majority! That’s our money so you don’t have any discretion of how it will be spent.
This is my way of protest! Cheaters, liars, thieves! You have no place in this world!
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