Why Bear Pains?

A long weekend everyone here! It’s a nice Saturday morning. Maring is gone but another tropical disturbance is coming which according to PAG-ASA forecasts will affect Visayas and Mindanao. A sigh of relief for Maring’s going out from Philippine area of responsibility but apprehensive upon hearing the news of another possible typhoon. Some of those affected by Pablo (in Mndanao) a year ago haven’t completely recovered yet.
Things happen for a reason. We have to go through pains in order grow a better person. These pains maybe like typhoons.
We had our faculty meeting yesterday. I was tasked to read a short passage titled “the Purpose of Pain”. A striking line that caught my attention was on an apple tree. According to the passage if a tree in the orchard won’t bear fruit, the owner has to wound its trunk which eventually make it bear fruits.
If we are an apple tree, we need to go through pains to bear fruit. Bearing fruit means being successful! Being successful means growing up a better person. People must understand that life isn’t complete without problems that cause their pains.
Even how painful our experiences are, we need to understand that it’s part of the process. And that life is a constant process of bearing pains and learning lessons from those pains.
But I believe that the burden of bearing the pains no matter how heavy is easy when somebody would share us the load. This is where friendship and brotherhood is tested. This is how humanity thrives!
Next time you are in pain, remember “you’re not alone.”


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