The Power of the People

People Power Revolution!
A unique, one of a kind people’s struggle where thousands gathered to topple down an alleged dictator.
The event made this small country on top of the world as it celebrated a first time ever in the history that a bloodless fight successfully defeated its enemy through “People Power!”
About 3 decades ago that the event happened and we’re about to celebrate the said event this Monday August 26.
Peace loving individuals were triumphant in their fight as no single drop of blood was lost as they achieved their common goal.
Everytime I watch on television people’s struggle like in Egypt recently, I couldn’t help but think of the number of lives that the chaos claimed. Worse is, the death toll are mostly from innocent civilians who wished to escaped from the battle.
A revolution is an attempt to change. I just wish that the process won’t cause lives if ever possible!
How I wished the spirit of the “people power” would spread all over the world.
I’m sure everybody loves peace! Peace is love. Love is Life!
Long Live Humanity!


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