When Your Child Becomes Crazy in Love, What Do You DO?

Love can move mountains! I agree. this will make you grow a better person. But it’s like a fruit. To make it taste sweet, it has to grow mature and ripen from the tree it grows. it shouldn’t be picked or harvested before it’s time…
Crazy in love! That’s what I would call my teenage girl! She was reprimanded from not going home straight after her school hours. She went out sometimes without permission. and lately she’s doing it in succession. We know she’s dating. Her father used to tell her not to give so much time yet with her LOVE. She was yet young. If she would prioritize her studies and finish it, this would lead her to finding a good job easily. This would eventually make life more enjoyable to live. She could buy the things she would like to have in life. 
But it seems she heard nothing. I don’t know what to do to convince her. All we want is to let her finish her studies. We wanted her to succeed in life. We wanted her to be happier later. That’s why we want her to postpone this temporary happiness which seems like neon lights inviting young moths to come closer.
The older girls were easier to handle her age. They listened to us when we tell them that studies must be the PRIORITY. Now they have already enjoyed the fruit of their labor. We told her that.
I am terribly confused now of what to do with my girl. I don’t want her to fail. But it seems she was playing deaf with the words of reprimand we gave her. Much to our desire to make her realize something’s wrong with what she’s doing but there’s nothing I could do to make it. Or is there anything I could do? As a mother it hurts me a lot when I see my child whom I take care of for years, nurtured to grow wise and successful would leave the words we use to tell them. Our kids are our wealth. We love them so much.
I love sharing my thoughts, my insights and views in life here. But I also would like to express the pains I felt inside. I’m afraid I’ll break if I wouldn’t let this out. I am really sad, really really sad.
Thanks WP! you’re a shoulder to cry on!


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