Who Killed Ninoy?

Today, August 21 is the 30th death anniversary of Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino. 
He was a very vocal critic of Ferdinand E. Marcos as President of the Philippines. On Sept. 21, 1972 Marcos declared Martial Law which eventually resulted to the arrests of different personalities including “Ninoy”. He was imprisoned then exiled where he made his hunger strike. He was found out to have a delicate illness so Ninoy’s family requested permission to have him treated in the US. After his treatment he planned to come back to his homeland. It was believed that he was advised not to come home for an assassination plot had been set upon his return but Ninoy wasn’t afraid of his death.
On August 21, 1983 Ninoy’s flight arrived at Manila International Airport (MIA) (now Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) which named after Ninoy. But before Ninoy had stepped on the ground of his homeland, he wa already lifeless. Beside him was a supposed gunman, Ronaldo Galman.
Galman was at first the suspect of Ninoy’s death but found out that he died ahead of Ninoy. Galman was not popular so he was not remembered. 
Ninoy’s death eventually made his wife Corazon the president after marcos was ousted as president due to People Power I. The Filipino people thought her reign would help find her husband’s murderer. But the waiting turns in vain. Now Ninoy’s son Pinoy is the present president. Some suspects were already pardoned during the previous administration under Gloria Arroyo.
I don’t know if Aquino’s family are still in search of the true murderer. But the question is, how about Galman’s murderer? For sure every august 21, Galman’s family is also celebrating his death anniversary. It is unnoticed because he wasn’t popular. Who has remembered him who according to experts’ explanation that his dead body was dropped beside Aquino’s corpse to confuse the people.
Galman has been buried and forgotten,,,


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