Ghost from the Past

I was stupefied as I watch a news of a genius whom you won’t suspect he is with his looks (Looks are deceiving anyway). He is frail and old and he stoop! He loves moving around the streets of Malate-Ermita, Manila because of his work.
This guy I refer to as I believe he is a genius is an educator for he has passed the board exam in the said field. His name is Mr. Alfredo Manuel, a scavenger! Yes he is!
Maybe you’re wondering why he ended up collecting junks,scraps and recyclables. We’ll this is his story!
He started working as a janitor in an elementary school and supported himself up to college. He took the board exam and passed. Then he applied as a schoolteacher in the same elementary school he used to clean but was rejected because of a pending theft charge he was unaware of according to the story.And for a half a decade trying to get his chance to teach Mr. Manuel gave up his dreamed profession and contend himself collecting garbage.
Mr. Manuel loves talking with anybody who would listen to him in “English.” Yes he has a large English vocabulary. He would also recite poems in Spanish. And what’s more amazing, he can tell you the scientific names of plants.
He was really amazing. He told his interviewers he got his knowledge through research.
A university professor confessed Mr. Manuel has a stock knowledge he doesn’t have. This professor would like to write a story of Mr. Manuel and if he is lucky enough would love to give the prize of house and lot to Mr. Manuel.
Mr. Manuel said he’d really love teaching.
His story made me think that sometimes and for some people life isn’t fair. Some educators din’t actually love their teaching job that resulted to falling short of what they could give to their learners. And here’s one who really has the passion and really has much to share wasn’t given the chance. Source:


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