When is Marriage the Right Option?

In this modern time where people in our country are adapting the pop culture – an influence from the west, there are still conservative individuals who believe that marriage is the best solution to a girl’s lost dignity. For those conservative people, there is no other means to save the family from shame. 
Yesterday, I was surprised to see an unfamiliar name popped up on a chat window saying hi and introducing herself. She was a young friend of mine. I made fun of her using the name which sounds masculine. I asked if she was hiding. She replied yes. I said “you haven’t paid your debts”? 
She told me the true reason. Then she mentioned of her being confused at the moment because she was afraid she can’t continue anymore her studies because her mother wanted her to get married. A bit shocked, I asked her if she’s pregnant. “No,” she told me. “You were in the bf’s house?”, “Something had happen with you already?” “Yes was her answer. 
Such actuation is a big deal for conservative people. It means losing a face in the community.
I was raised by very conservative grandparents and I understand what the mother of this girl felt.
Our young of today are doing things which appear acceptable to them since they saw it happened to many. They are influenced by media. The television, movies, the ads and of course the net. 
She asked me if she would give in to her mother’s decision (for sure the mother is more confused.) The boy is still a student like her. Tsk.. tsk.. tsk… still young and no job and would have a hard time finding job if ever.
I couldn’t say Yes or No with her. I just told her to get inside her room and think of the advantages and disadvantages of all the possible options. Choose the option with fewer disadvantages.She shouldn’t get out from her room before she’d reached a decision. When she’s through she must talk with her mother of the decision she has made. i told her it’s her life NOT her mother’s. And that mistakes cannot be corrected with another mistake made. Then I bade goodbye!

They Won’t Scrap the Pork!

Government infrastructure projects before usually have signage that read: “This is where your taxes are being spent.”
Good motivation to taxpayers!
Revenue collectors are the most active people in the president’s cabinet.They run after tax evaders. Payment delays means penalty They’re very good in computing the earnings of the taxpayers…
Where did our money go? To illegitimate LGU’s? From the project allocations of our dear senators and congressmen who some of them claimed their signatures have been falsified? Sure? One as I could count said he needed money for his constituents and used his own foundation to get money… “bABOY” (pig – WHERE THE PORK COMES”). THAT’S PEOPLE’S MONEY!
My heart was heavy these few days as I hear the news that the taxes we have paid just went to few people and spend it as it’s their own.
Lord, please take them back soon so as to ease our suffering! Forgive me for asking such but I don’t know how many are they out there who caused our suffering! It seems they have multiplied so fast.
The president’s spokesperson claimed the president” pork barrel shouldn’t be scrapped as its expenditures have been properly accounted for! (expenditures in the president’s discretion?)
Our money should supposedly be used to answer the needs of the people- the majority! That’s our money so you don’t have any discretion of how it will be spent.
This is my way of protest! Cheaters, liars, thieves! You have no place in this world!
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The Power of the People

People Power Revolution!
A unique, one of a kind people’s struggle where thousands gathered to topple down an alleged dictator.
The event made this small country on top of the world as it celebrated a first time ever in the history that a bloodless fight successfully defeated its enemy through “People Power!”
About 3 decades ago that the event happened and we’re about to celebrate the said event this Monday August 26.
Peace loving individuals were triumphant in their fight as no single drop of blood was lost as they achieved their common goal.
Everytime I watch on television people’s struggle like in Egypt recently, I couldn’t help but think of the number of lives that the chaos claimed. Worse is, the death toll are mostly from innocent civilians who wished to escaped from the battle.
A revolution is an attempt to change. I just wish that the process won’t cause lives if ever possible!
How I wished the spirit of the “people power” would spread all over the world.
I’m sure everybody loves peace! Peace is love. Love is Life!
Long Live Humanity!