On Confidence

Confidence connotes doing/showing something without any reservations.

Yesterday a youtube video which has reached more than half a million views was shown to me by my kid when I reached home. She said it wasn’t that stressful. Remembering my viewing experience of a cruel nanny abusing a child which really angered me, I responded by saying, “I don’t want stress.” She told me it wasn’t that stressful. Her persistence changed my mind. Well, watching a girl taking her own video as she sang some of the songs we often hear sang by popular singers of today made me think that the girl really has the GUTS. The singing ability wasn’t impressive, something’s wrong with the diction, in short – too bad. But having confidence may have been the reason why the video has become viral. I don’t know how many views have been added by this time. But only one thing I could say. That you don’t have to be the best to show something you got. What you need is …CONFIDENCE!


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