On Confidence

Confidence connotes doing/showing something without any reservations.

Yesterday a youtube video which has reached more than half a million views was shown to me by my kid when I reached home. She said it wasn’t that stressful. Remembering my viewing experience of a cruel nanny abusing a child which really angered me, I responded by saying, “I don’t want stress.” She told me it wasn’t that stressful. Her persistence changed my mind. Well, watching a girl taking her own video as she sang some of the songs we often hear sang by popular singers of today made me think that the girl really has the GUTS. The singing ability wasn’t impressive, something’s wrong with the diction, in short – too bad. But having confidence may have been the reason why the video has become viral. I don’t know how many views have been added by this time. But only one thing I could say. That you don’t have to be the best to show something you got. What you need is …CONFIDENCE!



Life is a tree.Trees of different kinds serve different purposes. Hardwood produces lumber so we will have materials for making houses and for furniture. Other trees bear fruit to give us food and for additional source of livelihood. Still others are for medicinal use. Some are for ornaments. Still some are for shade.
But first we need to plant it to grow. Fertilizer is added to ensure growth.To make it grow healthy, we also need to nurture it with care. We make sure enough water is given. The location must be reached by sunlight. Soon the tree will serve its purpose.
Life is a tree. We need to nurture it with love and care. Like a tree that needs fertilizer, water,and sunlight to grow strong and healthy.
Soon the tree will stand strong like a proud leader of the society. Everyone of them – all different kinds are groomed to become useful individuals.Engineers, doctors, nurses, businessmen, postmen, drivers, pilots, teachers, etc. they become.
But this tree will soon grow old and wither. It’s time has come to say goodbye and we need to let go of it for another seedling has been planted for the same purpose or another.
People are like that. As we grow older, new lives like healthy tree seedlings sprouted and ready to be planted and nurtured.
Soon we no longer bear fruits and needs replacement.
But there are things we need to do in life before we depart. We are part and parcel of preparing our replacements. Unlike trees, we cannot just be gone and forgotten. We need to do and create memories as reminders that life should be lived well serving the purpose why we are created such and not just a tree.
Like trees, life should serve the purpose because like trees we may be cut down sooner without accomplishing our tasks. We need to accomplish our goals in life.
Even if life has been cut short of its existence because we don’t know how long or how short it is – only the Great Maker knows. We need to live it well. Life shouldn’t be wasted and become unforgotten.
life is set to create a difference like candles lit to brighten up the dark sides of the world.
Serve the purpose or be forgotten. The choice is ours!