Break the Trend

We made mistakes because we feel we have arrived at the right decision. Even if such decisions were not well-thought and studied still we insist it’s the right thing to do. We sometimes do away from consulting the experienced because of the thought that their ideas are old and unfit in the contemporary time. We just inform them we have arrived at a decision and that is final.

 Defying tradition has been the practice in our time. Gone were the old good days and welcome the new generationX- the generation of the active, the wise! Our minds seem like inflated balloons with what we already have achieved in life. We seem conceited because we feel our ideas and views are more well-founded by the facts and current events of which we keep ourselves updated.

We should look farther for the possibilities that may not turn into our favor and mirror such possibilities by looking back the truth offered us by the experienced and adults. Doing so will help us minimize the turn out of mistakes not because we’re not told of it beforehand but because we close our eyes since we ‘re afraid to see what’s ahead – afraid of seeing the truth, afraid of giving up something we are presently happy with.

We should value the wisdom of the old. Listen to the voice of experience. Doing so would minimize the turn out of the unfavorable results of the decisions we make. Arriving at a decision without careful study and considerations of the possible results is unacceptable 

If we can’t change this, life would be be a cycle of mistakes repeated over and over again.



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