To Love or Not To Love

Busy days are here again. But its always nice to be back to work because that means to say that we’re blessed to have a source of livelihood

I would like to say that people who have work shouldn’t complain about the tiresome activities called for the job they’re into. That’s where they are paid for. They must remember that before they landed to that job, they had a difficult time getting it. They must take care of their job because its a gift. 

People who complain about their work may not be happy with it. If that’s the case then they must resign and find another that job they will be happy with. There may be others who will love much that work they’re murmuring with. Murmuring may mean losing one’s time to effectively give back to the employer the services you are paid for.

Remember, working means having something laid on our table to partake with our loved ones! Complaining is throwing away those that you eat on your plates. As what I have said, if you’re not happy with your job, its time to look for another door open for you. And that closed door for you will be opened to another.


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