Smoking ICE?

This year’s general assembly of Toledo City Public School Teachers was held at CEBECO III Auditorium last May 31. The Assistant Schools Division Superintendent read the DepEd-Toledo Mission and Vision himself. This to remind the teachers specially the new ones of their roles as teachers.Important people also came to grace the occasion. This include the outgoing City Mayor who personally extend his heartfelt thanks to DepEd family (admitting that losing in the May 2013 elections was still painful) of their support of his administration.He added that he wished that DepEd continue its support to the new administration. ( Of course we’ll do). There’s also that representative of Philippine Public School Teachers association (PPSTA) and from the National Teachers and Employees Cooperative Bank.
The afternoon session was more exciting. The election of the board of directors for the Toledo City Teachers and Employees Multipurpose Coop was done. Then the election of the new set of officers of Toledo City Public School Teachers Association (TCPSTA) who will serve for the next 3 years followed.
But what’s more exciting was the open forum . The ASDS answered some of the questions asked by the teachers.(I don’t know if the answers were satisfying for those who asked). There was roar of laughter when one of the newly-hired teachers mentioned of aso (smoke) that comes out when there’s fire (that’s regarding a principal’s action on telling the new not to follow the old teachers’ not so good work attitude).It has elicited different reactions from the crowd. The moderator clarified that not all that appeared to be a smoke really comes from a fire like that of the “ICE”. The exchange of reaction was getting hotter.Then the ASDS asked the school heads to answer. As the microphone was pointed to one of them the noise turned into a hush and all of us were excited to hear her thoughts and she said “fire…?” “I have no fire, but…ahh.. there’s apoy sa dagat (fire in the sea).” It was actually a title of a TV soap opera. Everybody burst into laughter that ended the gathering for there was no more time to continue.


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