Forgotten Before Gone?

A Centenarian Act vetoed?( veto is to reject or not sign a proposed or intended act by the chief executive ( 

And what is this centenarian act? A centenarian is a person who lives at least 100 years. A Centenarian Act is a bill (Philippine legislature) proposing more benefits to centenarians which include a P 100, 000.00 cash gift plus discounts on purchases (up to 75%?).

The issue why it was rejected according to sources is that the chief executive found some provisions to be “excessive (and) unreasonable” and for being “patently oppressive.”
The 75% discount on purchases is non-tax deductible. It “exceeds the usual mark-up rate of most businesses and will obliterate profit margins and result in capital loss.(Read more:

The chief executive didn’t object its refiling. Well, the flaws must be ironed out ( by the legislative body. it’s already a bonus to have lived three decades after the average life expectancy of the people in this country. It entails a lot of  self-discipline.Therefore these people deserve recognition. Why not? They must have deserved it. …before they’re GONE! 


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