Reading  Matt’s letter to WordPress for its 10th birthday amazed me. It’s not easy to get that far I’m sure.But when there are people who are willing to take the risk NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE! Such triumph calls for a celebration. Congratulations to the pioneers!

 I couldn’t help but relate my own experience with it as an employee. It seems like yesterday when I entered into government service and I was here for 22 years already. The road towards here is unpaved so It wasn’t that easy at first and towards my 10 years. I need to adjust with the people I work with. Embracing changes was always my best option to stay long.Success is my happiness so if I need to do things i might haven’t liked at first, then be it. I am a person who is determined and motivated by the thought that I can be successful in life so whatever it takes to reach my goal I have to endure. I have proven that before when I was yet in college. I wasn’t discouraged by the pressure to quit. I didn’t like quitting. What is worth BEGINNING is worth FINISHING!.

The happy thoughts and memories of the people I work with and certainly with those who appreciated my contribution in their lives are a fire that keep my spirit burning to continue doing things to effect positive changes in other people’s lives.! I always see to it that I can share a part of myself to those who need me and I did it and I will continue doing it.

Now I have started with wordpress. I wanted to stay long here as long as there are people who wanted to read my shares!




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