#Selfie you?

Most of the recent trends are brought about by the onset of technology. The invention of the cellphone, for instance does not only improve our access to communication with our loved ones but it has also helped increase our self-esteem.

Look anywhere you’ll see people who are like scrats (a half-squirrel and half rat in the Ice Age movie) who couldn’t take their hands off from their loved cellphones like the scrat holding its prized acorn with both hands.

Most cellphones now have cameras. So whatever one is doing he/she wouldn’t forget documenting it. During important and not so important activities you’ll see people in group or individually taking pictures of themselves for their fb or instagram. What’s notable is that even the not so young of age are part of this. There’s the serious, emote2 style and the trendy – the wacky style! We are no longer ashamed of posting our pictures on social network sites. We are proud of having our pictures taken showing our actual feelings when they’re caught.

But what’s most trendy is the #selfie where one pauses anywhere, anytime and pose to take one’s picture in different emotions and facial expressions and that includes the wacky pose! It’s really like a contagious  disease, it spreads everywhere. But unlike the contagious disease, it’s isn’t feared, it’s loved by everybody including the not so young fellas. Now when one buys a cellphone, it’ll be with a camera. You know already why!

So, do you belong? Are you a SELFIE?


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