Effective relief for LBM

I was up late today.I couldn’t sleep well last night. I have an LBM, a disorder due to food intake on which the stomach would not digest easily but can be treated easily with the right medicine intake.(http://www.thefilipinodoctor.com).

Well, maybe I have taken too much meat a few days ago. Tnx to my loving hubby for taking care of me. He was a bit late of his usual schedule of waking up every morning for work because of it. He applied an  anti-gas pain oil and massage it on my tummy and monitored my condition. Very effective. Sometimes the care is more effective medication than the actual medicine taken (psychological effect, haha).

But I would say that letting my fingers work on my keypad and post for my blogsite is even more effective , really addictive. Thanks to my friend Mariabella for sharing me this. But the brown out made me sick again.


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