Time Synchronization Introduced

When talking of time, I was reminded of an anecdote told by a friend about the 3 kinds of time. The American time which is on time, the Filipino time, delayed from the actual time and the Indian time, the no show time ( I don’t know where they get that Indian time.). So between the second and the third, the second is preferred. Better late than NEVER, they say.Sounds funny but when you need to attend to another important event how you’d wished that the previous appointment would start and end on time.

 An employee of a certain agency went out ahead of time but met his boss on his way down the building. He has not thought of another excuse  why he went ahead of time so he said his watch tells it’s already time.

There is this new bill that I believed would increase our awareness on the importance of other people’s time. If it’ll be made into law it requires all national and local government offices to display Philippine Standard Time (PST) on their official time devices, including bundy clocks (http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/story/125625/news/nation/bill-seeks-national-official-time). Television and radio stations are also enjoined to the said synchronization of time. In short all public and private offices will display similar time on their offices’ clocks.

The author of the bill clarifies that it will increase appreciation of punctuality and practice of our time wisely to be more productive at home, school and in the workplace.

With this we can sing our national anthem at the same time, count in unison on Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve.

This could be the IT we’re looking for to increase efficiency among workers and this would spell PROGRESS for our country.


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