Of Tieing and Untieing? Who wins?

Annulment? Divorce? What’s the difference?

How many of us care to understand unless we’re push into situation of familiarizing them. Well according to wiki annulment is a legal procedure that declares marriage null and void. This means that at the beginning marriage is already invalid (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annulment). Divorce, however is ending a marriage relationship, cancelling all legal responsibilities and duties of marriage (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divorce). Both has to undergo legal processes.

In this very crucial era it seems to me that everything happens at an instant. Instant coffee, instant milk even instant marriage.And because it happens instantly, and the couple realizes that their marriage is wrong, at an instant they’ll seek for an annulment or divorce.

Ending a marriage  may have been the result of a sweet relationship turning sour and for some other reasons they say they don’t love each other anymore.

I believe that most if not all marriage relationships that happens without careful considerations of issues of compatibility ended with either annulment or divorce (INSTANTLY)!

Who wins? both? How about the children? Are they part of your winning? I hope so!

Remember it’s not an instant coffee that turns cold  or perhaps an instant milk that tastes sour  that you throw away.

So if you’re not yet TIED with the one you said you cant’t live without.Well,  you should enjoy yet the relationship of knowing each other more. Have enough time to weigh things if you are really meant for each other – FOR LIFE.


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