My Son’s Coming of Age

I’m a proud mother of 8. 5 are girls and 3 are boys.I felt my children are growing up so fast.Before, I thought that the hardest thing to do was to send them to school specially in college. Yeah right! But it’s not about school that I worry much this time. My eldest boy of 16 is already in a relationship. they will have their anniversary the following day he told his father. Though I’m into teaching, but I confess, it’s easier for me to give advise to my students rather than to my own child. So I let the father handle the situation.He told his son 3 important things: Firstly, he said that relationship should be give and take. “Don’t allow your girl to always dictate or do all the planning. She may get used to it and when the time comes that you would insist your point, it will be trouble.” Secondly, he said: “Let her know we are your family. Inviting and introducing her to your older siblings could be the first step of knowing her more.Thirdly, “Don’t keep your plans just to the two of. You’re still too young and inexperienced to handle situations. There’s a greater tendency of making wrong moves you might regret in life. He added: “Listen to us because what we always want is what’s best for you. You’re only an incoming college student. There’s still a long way to go. Handling the relationship alone may break or unbreak you!”


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