Watching movies together with the whole family this vacation is fun but it does’t always end without an argument because of individual preference.

Yeah, it is, and since the winner is always the one who got hold of the remote control, most of the time there’s temptation of hiding it so others couldn’t take it!

We’ll that reminds me of Scrat, an imaginary character of the Ice Age movie which looks like a squirrel and rat combined. It was a saber-toothed squirrel attempting to store his prized acorn ( An acorn is a single-seeded nut from an oak tree (

The television remote control devise  is like a prized acorn in the house where we, like Scrat’s would like to keep it to ourselves so we could have our preference followed.

Technology really helps people a lot. Like this remote control gadget, the switching of tv channel is done in just a few seconds and switching it back to the show you’re watching during commercial gaps is easy, right? The disadvantage is – we all love doing the same thing before our tv sets – holding the control and switching channels.

Maybe, it’s about time that people realize that tv is for entertainment in the house. This could strengthen the bonds among children and parents. But if one or two acts  like a scrat, sooner the bonds would loosen and would break! 

So why a scrat?


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