Barangay Elections 2013

Barangay elections has just ended with a note of some incidents resulting to deaths reported to have connections with it.

The smallest unit of the society is the barangay. This is where real elections (I would say) should take place. I said real elections because this is a non-partisan elections, “supposedly”. But we have heard of reports that some candidates were supported by the higher office (the mayor? i don’t know). i don’t know if its true in some parts of the country but I think it is.

The first time I took part in the elections was when I was in second year college. it wasn’t a barangay elections. it was a local elections. But whether its local, national, barangay, there are party or candidate leaders who have its supposed list of people supporting his candidate. These people will get a little favor which means something. i don’t know how much. But The first time i voted I already had on my mind the people i was going to write on my ballot. I was attending school at that time so I had to go home. I was surprised to have received from an elder a piece of paper ( a sample ballot) rolled with a five-peso bill inside. I asked what was it and the old folk said it was mind. I took the money and said never mind the paper.

After that incident I heard a lot of issues regarding vote-buying but i said I didn’t sell mine but I took the money.

As I mature I realized the importance of exercising our right to vote which is really sacred. And never did I think of making money out of such sacred right!

Shooing away corrupt officials means voting for those who are capable of giving sincere services to their fellowmen NOT with those who are capable of paying the higher price.

As adults we have all the power to change our barangay, city, town or country. Not by teaching or telling the young what to do and what not to do in this regard but to start changing ourselves and hope that the change in us will serve as an inspiration to others specially the young to change themselves!

There is no price for the sacred right to vote!

Hidden Beauty!

“In every bad thing that happen there is always good effect in it.”

Just recently, we’re affected by the earthquake.Though the intensity was not that strong compared with the areas closer to the epicenter that’s in Bohol island and Cebu City but that was enough to let DepEd declare longer days to stay out of our workplace because of the aftershocks which might cause more damages to the school plants and danger to their occupants.

My husband happened to have his vacation from work and the children are all at home which made me realize it was a nice time for our bonding at the beach where we use to go during vacation period.

We had our instant plan and we visited a beach called Hidden Beach found in the outskirts of the town which was just less than an hour travel from where we live. I heard about it from my friends and colleague who had gone there.

It wa really hidden and really nice. we are amazed by the untouched beauty of nature. The beauty was complemented by its sand which is comparable to that of Boracay.

It was really fun experience though a bit far but I told myself, it was not just beach that we pay because there are a lot of beaches we passed by along the way going there but the beauty of the place.

Really nice! It’s at Bonbon, Aloguinsan, Cebu.

“Are You Afraid of the Dark?”


I love Sidney Sheldon and I’ve just done with his “ARE you Afraid of the Dark?” 
Kelly Harris was a character in the story who was suffering from the agony of being molested during one of the dark nights when she was at a very tender age.. She grow up hating herself. she has very low self-esteem. The story was beautifully told.

Anyway, there are a lot of reasons why one maybe afraid of the dark. Are you?
I used to sleep with lights off when I was young. We used kerosene lamps to do things after dark. So when we’re through we have to put off the light to save the fuel. There’s no electricity yet in the countryside at that time. 

Our only means of entertainment was a battery-operated radio. Radio plays were aired at 8 am to 4 pm. but at 6 pm it’s back. I used to imagine the creatures of the horror program at 8 where it was usually accompanied by the ticking of grandfather’ clock that suddenly rang. Then an eerie sound as a coming footsteps heard and a very slow opening of the door … really scary. I had to cover myself with my blanket.

I was the only child living in my grandparents house so I usually did the washing of the dishes and what I hated most was the feeding of the dogs outside. I didn’t want to see those creatures described by the radio plays which I didn’t want to miss. So most of the time because it was dark outside, I just threw the food towards the waiting dog outside. Then there was rumble.

Sometimes the reason for our fears as a child is because we’re frightened by adults that there are creatures that would eat us. It’s a technique to keep us in sight.

Unlike Kelly…. in the story I was afraid of the dark because of my imagination. Hers is worse, the dark would remind her of her dark past. 

How about you? Would you like to share your story of the dark?

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